Go Shopping for Mother’s Day

I’m going to be at the Mother’s Day Shopping Spree event hosted by the Holly Springs Art Council in honor of the Mims Manor. It’s Sunday May 4th from 12pm – 6pm. Anyone wanting to be a vendor can check out this link: http://www.hollyspringsartscouncil.org/call-to-artists-mothers-day/

First Vendor Table

Today is the day for my very first vendor table. Nerves hit me yesterday as I was setting up. How best to display everything, what will catch a shopper’s eye. I didn’t want to walk away…if I watched the table, I could make it perfect. But well, I had to let it go. Stop by […]

Over at Romance Lives Forever

I’m featured as an author and etsy store owner over at Romance Lives Forever.  Authors express their creativity in more ways than just writing.  Maybe it’s a passion for steampunk or another way to promote an author’s book.  Creativity comes in all sizes. You can explore new authors and buy great jewelry. Check out the […]

Crackled Marbles

Another challenge has been issued from The Pintester. Today I tackled the cracked marbles pin.  I bought tiny marbles so they could be turned into charms for a bracelet. Let’s get ready to bake ’em After they bake, it’s time for polar bear training. If you miss the bowl and have to track down escaping […]