Christmas Ornaments – Ho Ho Ho Pintester Blog Hop

Fa La La La La, it’s almost Christmas time.  And the Pintester has issued another challenge to the blogging world.  Create a Christmas Ornament from a Pinterest Tutorial.

Pintester Movement

I recently ordered some lavender multi-colored pearls for new chain maille creations.  When I saw this tutorial on Caged Beads, I thought this would make a great hanging ornament with purple pearls.

Caged BeadsTutorial

This seems simple enough.  First I gathered my supplies. Aluminum rings, purple pearls and some silver wire.


Let’s build a cage.

Tough Work
Tough Work

I have to say this part is difficult. Many creative expletives were uttered during the creation of this cage. Mostly because the pearls slipped out and then the cage collapsed while I was adding rings onto the cage framework. And if you don’t connect the rings exactly as shown, you end up with a clump of metal strung together instead of a nice cage about 3 levels in.

Caged Beads - Finished

I added the purple drop to make it a bit more ornamenty.  This looks best with longer chains. The short one is rather stubby.


For other Pinterest ornaments, follow the adventures at the Pintester Movement. And this purple, cagey creation will be going to Jodee at the Cheeseblarg to help decorate her first Christmas Tree.

18 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments – Ho Ho Ho Pintester Blog Hop

  1. This is one of the coolest ornaments I have seen. And in case your ornament wants to ride into battle it is all set.

    • starlightfalls

      Thanks Heather. Those were the days when everyone had chain maille protection. 😉

  2. One of my closest friends makes jewelry – I have no idea how the two of you can stand working with that equipment! I tried once and “many creative expletives were uttered”. Bravo to you – it turned out beautiful.

    • starlightfalls

      Thanks Heather. I find this kind of jewelry making relaxing. However working with seed beads is not my idea of fun. Kinda like the difference between cross stitch, knitting and crochet. I can do cross stitch but not the other two.

  3. Ooh ooh ooh! I was hoping you would make me a chainmail ornament! =D This is just so gorgeous as is all your work. Thank you!

    • starlightfalls

      Jodee – Glad this elf could grant your wish. 😉 I hope you enjoy your Christmas Tree.

  4. Jen

    This is really beautiful and such a cool idea!

    • starlightfalls

      Thanks Jen.

  5. This is very cool. I am very certain I would have thrown it at the tv. So good for you!

    • starlightfalls

      I thought about throwing it at the tv a time or two. But it looks really pretty when finished. Perseverance was worth it in this case.

  6. Julie

    Wow! I’m impressed! Those are gorgeous!

    • starlightfalls

      Thanks Julie

  7. Wow! this really awesome! Nice work. I bet lots of these would look marvelous on a tree, actually!

    • starlightfalls

      Kinda like jeweled icicles. I may order some different multi-colored pearls and make more colors.

  8. Gorgeous, and so very cool! I love the colors you chose, too.

    • starlightfalls

      Thanks Sonja. Well, I do love purple. 🙂

  9. Tracibub

    Love these! Could you make another short one and turn them into earrings, or are they heavy? 🙂

    • starlightfalls

      They are too bulky at this size. But I can work with thinner wire and smaller sized pearls to make earrings. It’s on the list to try and make. Right now, I’m finding myself overwhelmed with Holiday stuff. 🙂

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