Crackled Marbles

Another challenge has been issued from The Pintester.


Today I tackled the cracked marbles pin.

Courtesy of Crafts Unleased

 I bought tiny marbles so they could be turned into charms for a bracelet.


Let’s get ready to bake ’em

Ready to cook

After they bake, it’s time for polar bear training. If you miss the bowl and have to track down escaping marbles, they don’t crackle as much as the ones that go in right away.

Ice Bath

Ta Da. Crackled Marbles

Fish Eyes a swimmin'.
Fish Eyes

Tip: Marbles will bounce and roll if you drop them pre-baking. Once you’ve fired and given them an ice bath, the marbles explode into a zillion shards if they drop.

The post mentioned adding color and glitter via nail polish.  I thought this would be cool.  Should’ve stuck with clear.  A big mess and not quite so nifty.


Add a pyramid cage and you have charming marbles.
Note: Marbles are not necessarily the same size out of the package. May take awhile to find marbles that match.

marble charms

I had a double spiral bracelet waiting for something to complete it.  These charms did the trick.


 The bracelet and a pair of earrings are listed at my Starlight Falls Designs Etsy Store.

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20 thoughts on “Crackled Marbles

  1. I love the pink one. Baking glass seems dicey. Glad it turned out for you.

    Have a great monday.


    • starlightfalls

      I did keep a close eye on them. I was afraid they would melt all over the pan.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Well color me impressed! They look great! Much better than mine turned out. 🙂

    • starlightfalls

      Thanks. They look pretty all crackled inside.

  3. Woah, cool! I’d seen some done with less than stellar results, but you’ve convinced me it’s possible. Now to find some marbles…

    My pin-test was a recipe!

    • starlightfalls

      Thanks. I dropped by Michael’s to pick up mine. I’ll check out your recipe.

  4. Jen

    They turned out so pretty! I would totally burn myself doing this…but I may try anyway.

    • starlightfalls

      Jen – I wear oven mitts for pulling stuff out. I burned myself too many times with potholders. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Those are beautiful, especially the pink one, and I love the cages they are in. Awesome pin test!

    • starlightfalls

      Thanks JRose. It took a bit of trial and error to get the right sizes. But they look great.

  6. Um, these are GORGEOUS. I like the tip about the baked ones falling and turning into shards–good to know should I ever attempt this. Also, chainmaille jewelry? You have my heart, madame. And possibly some of my money soon . . .

    • starlightfalls

      Amanda, glad you liked them. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Wish I would have read your post about glass cracking before I made (and ruined) that pitcher of iced tea yesterday. Nice job! I would have never known the finished product was a marble!

    • starlightfalls

      Sorry about your pitcher. Glad you like the marbles though.

  8. GAH I TOTALLY WANT THEM! I want like 50! might have to wander on over to your Etsy page 🙂

    • starlightfalls

      Thanks Bernice. Wander away. Glad you like them.

  9. Oooh, I keep seeing those around, and I love them, but I always think, what am I going to do with a giant whopping marble? I love that you used the tiny ones, I think those are perfect charm bracelet size!

    • starlightfalls

      Thanks Laura. Yeah, I wasn’t too keen on the big ones. But the tiny ones are cute.

  10. I love that this worked so well for you! Good job!!

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